On this page I will discuss Supplements that will help you reach your goals! Some supplements like protein powders and multivitamins are for everyone. Other supplements can help us for specific problems, which are complicating our journey to reaching our goals of a healthy, energetic and full lifestyle. I will discuss supplements which help joint pain to supplements which aid you in the bedroom. I believe some mix of supplements will play a role for each of us! ​I take the three supplements pictured below in the morning with a full glass of water everyday to serve my nutrition and energy needs. Click on the photo to purchase!


A Natural Approach to Erectile Dsyfuntion


​         After the age of 30 most men’s free testosterone levels diminish. This can effect your energy levels and cause erectile dysfunction or a lack of libido. There are lots of drugs on the market to treat this condition. If you choose to take a natural approach there are now scientific studies to show you could find a successful treatment to this problem without resorting to drugs. First off a warning, some of these supplements can lower your blood pressure. If you are taking drugs for hypertension, see your doctor to discuss this treatment.

I took a two prong approach to help in this area. I wanted to improve my overall energy level, make my workouts more intense and if it helped out in the bedroom it would be a bonus!! There are thousand’s of supplements on the market so  my approach is definitely not the only one. I use two different supplements. One is Six Star’s Pre-workout N.O. Fury.

This supplement is rich in L Arginine which helps you body produce Nitric Oxide in the blood. This helps relax blood vessels increasing blood flow. The second supplement I take is Nugenix.

Nugenix contains Fenugreek which scientific studies have shown to help with erectile dysfunction and increasing the amount of free testosterone in the blood. Some results were evident in about a week but after a month I felt like it was really helping me in all areas! Start today and get a nice pump in the gym and feel strong and virile in the bedroom.

This is my approach what is yours?


Natural Relief for Joint Pain

Last year I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis. The doctor said I must stop all high impact exercise for my legs including long walks. I have constant pain in my knees which becomes extreme if I over do it. I began to do research to find a natural treatment for arthritis to replace the pain killers and anti-inflammatory the doctor prescribed. I found that glucosamine and chondroitin products were still the most popular. I sold many of these products years ago when I owned my GNC stores. I focused on Triflex. This is a GNC product which contains glucosamine and chondroitin, and adds MSM. The product takes about a month to become effective. I had many customers who would use a month of the Triflex and then discontinue. Within a week the pain would return and they were back in the store getting their refills. It comes in both a Triflex pill and Triflex chewable form. It lubricates the joints and helps with the swelling which alleviates pain. If you are looking for the best treatment for joint pain this is a supplement you will want to add to your program!

A Stack to Complement Nugenix Testosterone Booster

I just finished my first bottle of Nugenix Testosterone Booster and felt the energy boost was enough to try another bottle. Most reports said the full effects were not apparent for 90 days. In my research this week, I was looking for supplements that might complement the affect of my Nugenix Testosterone Booster. I zeroed in on ZMA. I used ZMA years ago when I was on a very strong exercise regiment. I felt it relaxed me and helped with good sleep. Sleep is a big component of muscle recovery and energy to keep up with your plan. This supplement has been around for many years. It is primarily used as a post workout recovery and sleep aid. However in a recent study zinc monomethionine aspartate combined with magnesium aspartate and Vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine) when given to training athletes resulted in 43.7% higher testosterone levels and 25% greater IGF-1 levels, as well as a 2.5 times greater strength increase than a placebo group.  Zinc is used to strengthen your immune system and boost testosterone levels. Magnesium is used as a sleep aid to improve your REM sleep patterns. Vitamin B6 is used for energy production. This supplement is most effective when taken at bed time with a glass of water. When these ingredients are stacked they complement and intensify the effects boosting testosterone levels and promoting longer and better REM sleep. Reviewing the products available I found that Nugenix makes a ZMA supplement called Nugenix PM. The best price was at Amazon and they suggest a Saw Palmetto supplement to add to the stack. More about that latter. The Nugenix PM also contains 750 mg of Tribulus Terrestris this is an herbal supplement that has been used for years to boost testosterone as well as decrease blood sugar. It has also been used to treat angina. Here is a picture of the plant growing in the wild. It is found mostly in the Mediterranean and is commonly called puncturevine.

If you have diabetes or take blood pressure medication you should coordinate use of this supplement with your doctor. This product should enhance the effects of the Nugenix testosterone booster. As I mentioned earlier Amazon adds a Saw Palmetto supplement to the stack. Negenix also makes a good Saw Palmetto supplement called Nugenix Natural Prostate Support. This natural herb has been used for benign prostrate swelling and is a mild diuretic. It grows wild where I live in Florida.

Take the Saw Palmetto supplement in the morning with your Nugenix Testosterone Booster. So my new stack of Nugenix Testosterone Booster, Nugenix PM and Nugenix Natural Prostrate Support should support my testosterone levels which will help me increase muscle mass and burn fat. It should improve my virility and libido and improve my prostrate health which strengthens urine flow and stops multiple trips to the bathroom at night. I am going to give it a try! I will report my results in the comments next month. If you have used these products, or decide to now please leave your results in the comments as well, so we can get a better idea of the products effectiveness.



The Two Most Important Organs in the Body

The heart and the brain are arguably the two most important organs in the body. If either is severely damaged the rest of the body dies or has severe disability. These two organs also play a vital role in your energy levels. As we age both organs become more vulnerable to diseases like arteriosclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease. Based on this revelation I decided to review the supplements I am taking to make sure I included those which were necessary for a healthy heart and brain. In this two part article I will review the best supplements to support each of these organs. The heart is the body’s hardest working muscle pumping between 50 to 100 times a minute while the body is at rest depending on your fitness level. Many things can stress the heart, arteriosclerosis is one of the worst. It occurs when plaque builds up in your veins making blood flow more difficult. This condition requires the heart to work harder to pump your blood around the body. The brain controls all bodily functions both conscious and unconscious. The brain does not absorb nutrients like other organs which makes supplementation for the brain a challenge.

  Supplementation for the Heart



Co enzyme Q 10 was the supplement I became most interesting in during my research of supplements for the heart. Your body naturally makes small amounts of this enzyme, also known as ubiquinone and ubiquinol. As a supplement, CoQ10 may help lower blood pressure, either on its own or along with medications. Other studies have found that adding it to heart failure drugs may help people feel better day to day. Preventive doses usually range from 30-100 mg per day whereas therapeutic doses are usually greater than 100 mg per day. CoQ10 may be appropriate as an adjunct to conventional treatment or as a preventive treatment. I am taking 100 mg a day now of Qunol Co Q 10. I will report back if I see any significant effects. This supplement is being used extensively now for the tratment of high blood pressure

Similar to CoQ10, carnitine levels are depleted in patients with various heart conditions and therefore supplementation may be beneficial. Carnitine assists in transporting fat into the mitochondria to be burned as fuel in the heart. The most promising research with carnitine supplementation is in conditions of reduced oxygen like ischemia. Carnitine supplementation may have positive effects on symptoms of heart failure and may improve exercise tolerance and oxygen consumption in moderate to severe heart failure. Effective doses are around 2 grams per day.

Lecithin is another supplement which has been used for many years for heart health. Lecithin is an excellent and inexpensive source of beneficial phospholipids and a rich source of choline. Lecithin or choline supplementation has been shown to result in a slight decrease in cholesterol levels. Choline may also reduce the risk for heart disease though another mechanism involving lowering homocysteine levels. In one study, subjects with moderately elevated homocysteine levels given 2.6 grams per day of choline had a 30% reduction in homocysteine levels compared to placebo.

Fish oil is another supplement that is used for heart health it is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, this supplement can slash levels of triglycerides,(an unhealthy fat in your blood) by up to 30%. It has also been used to treat high blood pressure. But it’s not clear if non-prescription fish oil supplements lower your risk of heart attack and stroke. Your best bet may be to eat fish with omega-3 fatty acids. The American Heart Association recommends that all adults eat at least two 3.5-ounce servings of fish a week.  EPA and DHA are omega-3 fatty acids, found in fatty fish, that have widespread health-promoting effects, especially for heart disease and diabetes. Several hundred studies have shown cardio-protective effects of fish oil and numerous reviews have summarized this body of work. Unlike most of the other supplements described here that have shown efficacy in reducing risk factors for heart disease, fish oil supplementation has actually been shown to decrease the risk of coronary artery disease death. EPA and DHA are effective at reducing blood triglyceride levels on average 25-30%.

Policosanol is commonly use as a method to reduce circulating cholesterol levels and has been evaluated in a large number of scientific studies. A recent extensive and critical review of 29 policosanol studies concluded that daily doses in the range of 5-40 mg over an average treatment period of 30 weeks was associated with a 24% reduction in “bad” LDL cholesterol levels. It is derived from the wax of sugar cane.

Red Yeast Rice has also shown promise as a dietary supplement that may reduce several different risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Several risk factors include reductions in total cholesterol, “bad” LDL cholesterol, fasting triglycerides and triglyceride responses to meals. One study showed that red yeast rice (1,200 mg per day) reduced the triglyceride response to a fat-rich meal 45%-50%, which has been shown to be an independent risk factor for coronary artery disease. Many prescription statin drugs used to lower cholesterol are derived from Red Yeast Rice.  Lycopene is derived from many fruits and vegetables, but tomatoes and tomato products are the main sources of lycopene in the diet. Lycopene has been shown to have strong antioxidant properties. Studies indicate that people with high levels of lycopene in their blood have reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. A recent study showed that men with the lowest levels of lycopene had more than a 3-fold greater risk of having an acute coronary event or stroke.  The study also showed that low plasma levels of lycopene were associated with increased thickness of plaque in the arterial wall. Critical analysis on the role of lycopene in the prevention of coronary heart disease has been described as strongly suggestive.

Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is naturally involved in carbohydrate and fat (lipid) metabolism. I am recommending Dr’s Brand Niacin because it is time released.  In supplemental doses, niacin is a potent vasodilator that causes blood vessels to increase in diameter. Niacin also significantly and consistently lowers blood levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and increases “good” HDL cholesterol. Effective doses can be achieved with 50-500 mg per day. Higher doses will make you flush or feel a burning sensation.

Arginine is a natural amino acid. I am recommending Pure Label Nutrtion  Ariginine because it is the correct potency. The label says take 3 one time a day. I have read several studies which suggest taking 3 times a day 20 minutes before each meal. Click on one of the links to buy this brand. It is currently being promoted for heart health mainly because it is needed to synthesize a very potent substance called nitric oxide that causes dilation of blood vessels. It also has favorable effects on blood pressure. Arginine supplementation prevented the vascular dysfunction associated with consumption of a high fat meal in one recent study. The dose of arginine was 6 grams per day (2 grams consumed three times per day) for 10 days. A recent review of arginine studies concluded that the main benefit of arginine supplementation is to restore vascular function and to improve the clinical symptoms of various diseases associated with vascular dysfunction.  Flowers and berries of the hawthorn plant contain several bioactive compounds and have been used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of cardiovascular conditions. I am recommending the Now brand because it is the extract used in most of the studies. The most well-documented effect of hawthorn is to cause vasodilation and increased blood flow. A recent randomized study showed that 1,200 mg per day of hawthorn extract for 16 weeks significantly reduced blood pressure in patients with diabetes compared to placebo.

Magnesium helps people with higher insulin and blood sugar levels and low plasma magnesium levels. Magnesium supplementation improves insulin resistance in animal studies. I am recommending the Just Potent brand because it is the highest potency.  Chromium helps stabilize blood sugar, may improve serum lipid profiles, and also may help the body utilize glucose and burn fat. The best form to use is GTF ChromiumGarlic is an effective supplement, not only does it make just about anything taste delicious, it could also slightly lower blood pressure.  It can be  taken in an odorless form. It may slow the buildup of plaque in your arteries, lowering your risk of blood clots. you  Green tea is another effective supplement. Research shows that both the extract and the drink may lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, and raise HDL levels. Alpha-lipoic acid improves the cells’ response to insulin and it can help stabilize blood sugar levels. it is a powerful antioxident.

        Supplementation for the Brain

Huperzine-A appears to block an enzyme in the brain that breaks down acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter. Acetylcholine carries information across synapses, the space between brain cells. “More acetylcholine stays in the brain, and that’s how it can be helpful in memory,” Dr. Sahelian says.

One 1999 review of studies on DHA, published in the journal Pharmacological Research, found that the nutrient is essential to normal brain function, and that a diet rich in DHA improves learning, while a lack of DHA causes learning ability to suffer. Flax seeds, Kale, walnuts and soy bean oil contain high concentrations of DHA. DHA is also found in cold water fish like tuna and salmon.

A lot of recent research has focused on ginkgo biloba, the leaf of the ginkgo tree, which is native to China and one of the oldest plants on the planet. Ginkgo is particularly interesting to researchers because of its potential to treat Alzheimer’s disease and age-related mental decline. Several studies have shown that it does help these conditions, and it’s routinely prescribed in places like Germany and France. It’s believed that ginkgo works by thinning the blood and thereby improving oxygen flow to the brain. The brain is a glutton for oxygen, so it’s possible that even a slight lack of circulation can affect its performance.

Acetyl-L-carnitine may work as a brain booster by helping maintain brain cells. Not much is known about its effects in healthy people, but one study found that people with early Alzheimer’s and mild memory impairment benefited from taking it.

Choline is also the precursor for a very important neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. Studies indicate that choline can help improve memory and cognitive function.

The Heart and the brain are organs that are researched everyday be sure to look again about every 6 months for new information and supplements.


Is Spirulina a Super Food or Pond Scum?



      The title to this article is a trick question. Spirulina is both pond scum and a super food. It is a blue green algae rich in protein and low caloric. A tablespoon contains 4 grams of protein and only 20 calories. It is found floating on ponds in tropical climates and is now cultivated in many places around the world. It was dried and made into a cake by the Aztecs in the 14th century. Then it was not mentioned on the historical record for many years. It was also used by Africans in Chad in the 1940’s according to French phycologist Pierre Dangeard. They recognized it was a food which helped them stay healthy. Currently there are more then 25 studies of Spirulina  for all types of conditions. One of the most promising is treating HIV infected children. It also has been used to control blood pressure, help in weight loss, energy and as a immunity booster. It detoxifies the body of heavy metals including Arsenic, which has become a huge problem in third world countries like Bangladesh. Arsenic is in  their water supply so many people are affected. Treatment with Spirulina saw a reduction of the amount of arsinic in the bodies of the patients and less symptoms of the poison.  It can also reduce the amount of candida in the body which can help alleviate the symptoms of some auto immune diseases.  This is the subject of several current studies. Spirulina can be used as a powder or in pill form.  A very potent form of Spriulina is produced in the Hawaiian Islands. Pure Hawaiian Spriulina Pacifica is in pill form so you can a very good brand. It  easily add it to your daily supplements.

 Tricuetra Health makes Spriulina in a high quality powder form so you can mix it with water or in a smoothie.

NASA and the European Union Space Agency proposed Spriulina and one of the primary crops for the mission to Mars. I found an interesting recipe for Mermaid Lemonade from the Glowing Fridge. 1/2 Lemon, 1 tsp Maple syrup, 1/8 tsp Spirulina powder, 1 tbsp Coconut vinegar, 1 handful Ice cubes, 3 cups Water, filtered.

Spirulina is a powerful immunity booster that could have many other beneficial effects as an addition to you supplementation program.

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